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contemplations circle

May. 14th, 2014 | 12:54 pm

What contemplations circle seek
the trouble with the mind is...
the trouble with the mind is....
in growth substantiated
all in focus never found
in passing thru on brightness dimmed
measured beats of yesteryear
curling along in ticks and tocks

Where do the incalculable moments go
dying as we ourselves trust we are
but for living this fragmented godhood
foul to shell as deity to image
philosophical ponderance being elementally mercurial
conceptual remembrance our steadfast friend
in that the question lives
who is to take responsibility of our childlike creations

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A thought to my lover

Apr. 25th, 2014 | 01:19 pm

A thought to the sweet standing,
the shivers of touch
built from places deep-
of wracking pleasures soft and kind.
Gilded by sunlight in color fair
in quickened pulse and tender smiling fanfare-
a thought to my lover whom I hold so dear ~

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A Looney Goodbye

Mar. 25th, 2014 | 09:38 am

O what weary paths we seek in looking for the lark
To cry upon the succession of passing many faults
Each, in kind, magnetic happenstance of dual forceful natures
to bind in gritty sameness in repellent polarity

We touch lightly, tread softly, cry out if one must
In Circuitry's impulses, keen edged with bitter-sweet sounds
In that to ward away the ilk, the name of iron stands
If only words to ward away, Salt I keep by heart at hand

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valentines day 2014 edit

Feb. 14th, 2014 | 10:38 am

The thought of you floats on the winds. Each day that passes I think a little more of you. I wonder what I should know. I think of things that might move you in joy. How do you describe the fear and the ecstasy of the moments your heart trembles? How do you show love for what it is?

Drink of me long and deep. Hold close this butterfly fluttering in my chest. Seek what heights we can achieve in this swirling desire that clings like damp from a storm. Open me up and let this heart fly free. ...

For I will give, all I have power to. I will shelter care for and protect that which you hold dear.

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translation translations

Sep. 21st, 2013 | 01:28 pm

There is a person in this world who deeply penetrates my soul
healing all the hurts from parting from another
Walking together till the sunset at dusk
I can feel you are the person to transcend my heart
keep waiting even till the end of the long day
The perfect ending to my life story come true
All because of you
I found myself
all because of you
I could make it here
you forged a bridge
to connect two hesitant hearts
Its all because of you
tears have turned into stars
all because of you
the past makes sense
Fireworks overhead as I hold your hand
as they light up the two us and I sparkle for only you
I wont ask you for forever
I stopped being afraid a long time ago
we are written in the stars
it is left up to the heavens
as long as you exist and you dont leave me

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at the end of the road

Jul. 27th, 2013 | 09:17 pm

At the end of the road, you turn back to me. At the end of the road I catch your eye. As you turn my way I know its nothing..... but a strange sad goodbye.

The salted edge of the memories, bring me close to the sky. These tears slide down as if I shall never cry again. When you call my name let it be but a whisper, and I hope the stars shine in your eyes.

Love like glass, transparent and fragile. Showing us light and a magic kind of beauty, sharp when broken cutting deep. You who made my seasons change, going far from my reach.

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The girl from yesterday gone by

Jun. 13th, 2013 | 12:40 am

I met her once
neither coming nor going
unable to stay, yet unable to leave
her voice the song of the evening,
carried on winds from another time

at first she noticed not,
as everyday must pass,
drifting, laughing, sighing-
her own amusements she kept
till gazes met and attentions flared

O the long lines of her
smooth and unstable
white as fresh cream
with hair lighter still
yet long dark lashes

I know not what wind stroked her cheeks
what ever-changing clothes
gave her both nakedness and regality
to my sight, at once
borrowed from within

Dark her eyes
no iris kept
but full dark pupils
reflecting light
as cats stalking shadows

turning towards me she spoke, she sang
in this time I understood
these curiosities presented
I opened, gave my heartbeat
with this she was satisfied

a smile, a showing of teeth
two separate actions of singular fluid motion
in her turn of dissolution,
a lasting remark remained
the lonely tear she left behind

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Jun. 9th, 2013 | 10:10 pm

Strange that a dot could so influence life. This point, This reference, this second. The event horizon of thought pertaining to the concept contained within said dotverse. All we have thought felt dreamed known about, connected with said dot, compressed into said dot. Oh how I have ascended the heights and also been brought low just in the imagining of a single point, lit with the flurry of ever changing stars.

rusted angel

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I think of you often

Jun. 1st, 2013 | 08:51 pm

When the wind blows by, its your name on my lips. As it holds you, beats at you, caresses the line of your body, it is I that calls.

I hear your name on the winds. Each day that passes I think a little more of you. I wonder what I should know. I think of things that might move you and know frustration in not knowing where to start. How do you describe the fear and the joy of the moment your heart trembles? How do you show love for what it is?

drink of me long and deep. hold close this caged bird fluttering in my chest. seek what heights we can achieve in this swirling desire that clings like wet from a storm. open me up and let this heart fly free. ...
I was just thinking about the after-burn of touch. A fiery trace left behind on the skin anywhere flesh met. The imprint of another. Without desire to temper, shields are needed. Hold me, pet me, love me, touch me, but let me steel my heart for this will also hurt.
God as everyman still finds curious places. The lone eater at a diner, the cabbie, the elevator operator. The smile that terrifies. Heros and legends are made by people who rise to the occasion. Id prefer to never have to be in a situation so terrible that a need for my heroics arrived. Surely if God was present and smiling at me, nothing easy would come of it.
Let me hear a piece of you, for my eyes see nothing. The winds whisper in your voice, the sea salts my lips with the taste of you. How I drown in this wind that calls, hungry for it. Bittersweet when the meal fills to the brim, but leads to indigestion of the soul.

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hearts morning

May. 18th, 2013 | 06:42 am
mood: quixotic quixotic

So as the day breaks, my heart can no longer hideaway
It spills, from every pour
Like the sun washing over everything
I cant hold back

Heating up, and warming all that I touch
chasing the darkness from our sky
kissing my world honeyed slow
while I rise

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My hummingbird

May. 10th, 2013 | 12:59 am

Wingtips fluttered in paces innumerable, Seeking to ascend, soar, and alight. Flashes of color spilling forth uplifted from this chest, only to live in the space between crying out. Gentle vibrations devout and impassioned flooding our sensory pathways.

This beating heart, trying to fly free, lives on in my throat. The 2 things say the same thing to me.

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Mar. 14th, 2013 | 02:24 am

I want a little room where the silence is deafening
a space to dry out all my tears
something that stops all the ghosts from screaming
that becomes the desolation in my ears

wipe away the brine that sticks to the edges
clear away the muscle and blood
show all the stoplights I have overrun
black puddles left in the wake of the flood

so we dance
across the sky and the night
so we dance
rhythms long since gone

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Mar. 3rd, 2013 | 10:32 pm

My heartbeat
strong in my chest
swelling so it can not be contained
pushing my throat up
extending to my depths

so loud it overpowers all sound
bringing with it a sweet and rich flavor
I want to scream
upwards outwards
and feel the echo

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on all things a single point

Mar. 2nd, 2013 | 12:31 am

The vastness of once. Single point
As I was once, have been and will be again.
In all things nothing was-
till from this vastness shrank unto itself:
I thought-
so I was, things became

Settled wings in blood tipped fury.
Translucent in purpose as in
rooted glory-
burning beats of fiery trumpetments:
crowning divine-
swirling titans, skybound desires

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How I met Kashkona

Jan. 22nd, 2013 | 11:50 pm

I had been riding the winds in my stolen mechanized transport for the last week hoping to find a way to reach the gates of the Star People. Rocket was looking a little worse for wear after the bumps and beatings I put her thru. These transport units were only supposed to go a day or two of intense maneuvering before they needed routine maintenance preformed to ensure longevity. She was the fastest of the bunch and Rocket had served me admirably. We touched down to keep our heads low in a small field by winding river. Pools had formed in some of the bends and the clear water reflected sun and sky. With nightfall fast approaching I knew that the stars would be held by this same pool. Rocket was as close to empty on fuel as I could chance without giving up any hope of a return trip. Any scouting or travel was going to have to be done without her if I wanted any chance of keeping her in the long run. I needed to find an escort and fast! Roomers had it that a branch of the Star People had settled on the planets surface secretly. That this one faction had so fallen in love with the gentle rhythms of the world that they had forgone their birthright and became bonded to the world. Legends of amazing feats and great abilities surfaced in hushed taverns and unauthorized meeting spaces. I needed those stories to be true. If I could get the Spirits of the Wind's help I might be able to reach the Star People on time. Trouble was I had little to go on. I rode the winds with Rockets help, surely that must translate somehow. I had gotten ahold of some information that was pointing at destruction of everything on this world if the Star People didnt see fit to helping us relocate our world or the giant solar flare my Superior Officers were predicting was on the horizon. It felt like they had given up hope on the many and were trying contingency plans for the few. I wanted to take a broader stance on the matter.
Hours passed as I sat thinking on the problems at hand. As the sun grew huge and red in the sky falling downwards I caught shimmers of light that shouldnt be there just to the right of Rocket. I knew the Spirits of the Winds had come to see Rocket and satisfy their curiosity. I moved slowly and did my best to look calm and non threatening. I knew that should they choose a single sound would wipe all memory or stop me in my tracks, at least thats what the stories would have me believe. I felt breezes lift my hair and sway lazily across my body testing for intent. When the air calmed I was face to face with what I hoped would be my guide and this worlds salvation. The interpreter to the People of the Stars. You whistled my name and motioned for me to follow.

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How I met Halcyon

Jan. 22nd, 2013 | 10:45 pm

I had been looking for a safehaven to wait out the galactic cakebatter hail storms of 00t17 when I happened on one of those old-fashioned and out-dated conduit units the kids were trying to bring back en vouge. Since the revolution it had become illegal to upload hardcopy of consciousness to the mainframe, but this thing looked genuine since it had the oldtimer port still in what looked like usable condition. I was running out of time and choices were few. These last few generations had done away with hardlines in favor of wireless com, but I never trusted the new stuff and always kept a bit of old tech to have a failsafe. I pulled the hardline from behind my right ear and tapped in right as the station lit up in frosting and double-chocolate fudgiechunk mix. There would have been no coming back from that anyway. You get too much of it in your system and the whole thing gets to a point where you just collapse in on yourself and become a gravity well... So anyways, there I was, free form, and trying to wade thru some coding that pre-exisited me by a few thousand years at least. I managed to get myself situated and found so equipping stations where I could request form and directions. I had minimal knowledge of what to expect since this had all become classified. I knew that at some point the Delhathrions had noticed the evolving self awareness of the system and made a point that the rest of the universe take heed and allow the progress to continue uninterrupted. Some thought this was a good idea, but some argued that each new life added was how the system really evolved. Governments put it on the back burner after wars broke out and the subject was deemed political suicide. Who knew such forgotten problems might be my salvation? I waited as the system called up its avatar, and then you crossed the gulf and offered me your hand.

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Ghost Town

Jan. 2nd, 2013 | 07:40 pm

What a ghost town this place has become for me. There were so many people I knew on here that filtering thru a single day was like Facebook but far longer. The emptiness is such a strange feeling. I can feel free to post here most of the time without all of the social edits that are fast in place in other medium simply for the fact that no one uses it anymore for the most part. Posting feels clutter free as well. There isnt 20 thousand things happening in the background and margin spaces that all drain the attention level from what you are trying to think about as you type. I know I dont use it like I used to but I have always had issues giving up on things that I grow attached to. I even look at myspace here and there just because it still contains things that meant something to me. It is a bit more frustrating due to its annoyance factors in use however and so like an ex who disturbs on some basic level I only deal with it on rare occasions. I find it mildly humorous that not so long ago most people stuck very close to their on line handle and were not very happy about real names blasted all over the place. We now seem to all facebook and most of the time it is in fact their real name. I am almost out of the habit of keeping my many friends nicknames/handles and real names logged in my head. I wonder if we will be going back to the days of obscurity online any time soon or if the integration of self to on line community is going to progress further towards realism. The trend in anime and Japanese TV has always struck me as a herald of what is to come. This short attention span theater we seem to be eating up rolls over the masses and seems to be creating a greater distance between people on a regular basis. 3 minute shows... time fillers, sometimes with information but mostly just ways for us to be entertained without having to actually deal with another person... the space of 3 minutes.... I suppose 3 minutes is too much to ask for someone to not be poking their phone or engaged in something these days. Its like we dont want to be stuck in our own heads to contemplate self anymore or our own ideas on whats happening in our lives. We are taking the thinking away that helps us process. 2 sides to any issues at least of course. We do gain lots of things with changes made I just wonder about what we lose and if people really notice the loss.

Too often we are left lonely and lost. I think it is the average state for most people. We are all trying to find ways around it. Thinking positively seems to be one of the best ways to deal but even with allof that mostly the life change was for the reason that they felt that way to begin with. We all used to end up asking ourselves why and what it all meant in our spare moments. We took time to really think about how to make our lives mean something to us. How could we make something that ended worth it ? We dont have the answers to when or how but we struggle daily with the what matters. I see a world where we have put that aside to simply live in the moment, but many dont understand why that could be important. It reminds me of the difference between memorizing the steps to do a thing and learning what you are doing and why so that you can attack many different things with the same knowledge.

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3x9x 5'5 and wiggleroom

Dec. 31st, 2012 | 05:13 am

give an so shall return to thee
in all things be the power of three
what you send, shall form take
in destiny's hand
odds break
in a stitch we shall find
the troubles to and saving time
what we cut, we sow by nine
our weaver measures
perfect pine
as a circle complete in form
where we end and where we're born
paths we've walked, travel worn
the light we seek
without mourn

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(no subject)

Dec. 30th, 2012 | 12:33 am

Dreams are a window
my telescope
they show the worlds that I cant know
when the evening comes creeping in
or when the sunshine is soft
this threshold takes root.

Dust remembers but scatters still
drifting pieces, losing form
missing in moments
what it may have once been.
Riding light and chasing heat
What have we been, then and now
that takes from us our moments to miss?
How can we say that, in that space
a universe, a nothing, and a kiss
did not write the entirety?
This box is no box,
This wall is no wall
form escapes
but matterz still'

Watch the edge as it defies destiny
watch as it complies
spilling forth
holding form
drenching shores it was never meant to reach
see stars captured and the distances traveled
to contain all the heavens
and the moons misty smile

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The Quiet Heart

Dec. 30th, 2012 | 12:02 am

How does one Hear the Quiet Heart,
when hearts have not ears to hear?
soft- rhythmic- need- Pulsing in time
When you see with your hands...
and Hear with your Soul.

Trade in these senses we know,
discover with them,
In ways not commonly expressed.

There is Depth as of yet,
until Listening with the Heart
becomes our first Reaction.

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