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02 January 2013 @ 07:40 pm
Ghost Town  
What a ghost town this place has become for me. There were so many people I knew on here that filtering thru a single day was like Facebook but far longer. The emptiness is such a strange feeling. I can feel free to post here most of the time without all of the social edits that are fast in place in other medium simply for the fact that no one uses it anymore for the most part. Posting feels clutter free as well. There isnt 20 thousand things happening in the background and margin spaces that all drain the attention level from what you are trying to think about as you type. I know I dont use it like I used to but I have always had issues giving up on things that I grow attached to. I even look at myspace here and there just because it still contains things that meant something to me. It is a bit more frustrating due to its annoyance factors in use however and so like an ex who disturbs on some basic level I only deal with it on rare occasions. I find it mildly humorous that not so long ago most people stuck very close to their on line handle and were not very happy about real names blasted all over the place. We now seem to all facebook and most of the time it is in fact their real name. I am almost out of the habit of keeping my many friends nicknames/handles and real names logged in my head. I wonder if we will be going back to the days of obscurity online any time soon or if the integration of self to on line community is going to progress further towards realism. The trend in anime and Japanese TV has always struck me as a herald of what is to come. This short attention span theater we seem to be eating up rolls over the masses and seems to be creating a greater distance between people on a regular basis. 3 minute shows... time fillers, sometimes with information but mostly just ways for us to be entertained without having to actually deal with another person... the space of 3 minutes.... I suppose 3 minutes is too much to ask for someone to not be poking their phone or engaged in something these days. Its like we dont want to be stuck in our own heads to contemplate self anymore or our own ideas on whats happening in our lives. We are taking the thinking away that helps us process. 2 sides to any issues at least of course. We do gain lots of things with changes made I just wonder about what we lose and if people really notice the loss.

Too often we are left lonely and lost. I think it is the average state for most people. We are all trying to find ways around it. Thinking positively seems to be one of the best ways to deal but even with allof that mostly the life change was for the reason that they felt that way to begin with. We all used to end up asking ourselves why and what it all meant in our spare moments. We took time to really think about how to make our lives mean something to us. How could we make something that ended worth it ? We dont have the answers to when or how but we struggle daily with the what matters. I see a world where we have put that aside to simply live in the moment, but many dont understand why that could be important. It reminds me of the difference between memorizing the steps to do a thing and learning what you are doing and why so that you can attack many different things with the same knowledge.
Lexington WolfcraftLexington Wolfcraft on January 15th, 2013 05:54 pm (UTC)
You'll always be Pooka to me. I often forget that livejournal exists. Which is odd considering how thriving a place it once was.