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pooka verse

lunatic rambling's

6 March 1979
80s music, animals, anime, antiques, art, bagels, beauty, being naked, bi, big band, big cats, bisexuality, bladerunner, bondage, books, bun-bun, bunnicula, bunnies, candy, chains, changeling the dreaming, chaos, cheese, classic film, clubs, communication, computers, connections, corsets, craziness, cuddling, d&d, dancing, delerium, depression, douglas adams, dress up, drum n bass, eating, electronica, erotica, eroticism, eye contact, eyes, faery tales, fantasies, fantasy, faries, fear, fetish, fetish photography, fire, fire eaters, fire spinning, flirting, foxes, free speach, friends, furry, fuzzy, garters, genderbending, getting off, girls, glenn miller, goddess, goth, hair color, hickies, honesty, idm, industrial, industrial music, insomnia, intimacy, japan, jello, jthm, juice, kissing, lesbians, life, love, lovecraft, lucid dreams, luixza, lust, making dinner, mania, massive attack, mezziah, mindfucks, mixing, music, nazgul, noise, nudism, orgasms, passion, petticoats, piercings, poetry, poi, pookas, public displays of affection, public sex, random acts of strangeness, reading, rivits, rpg, sandwiches, sarcasm, sci-fi, sensory depravation, sensual touching, sex, sexuality, shaved, shoes, short skirts, sifl & olly, smell, snuggling, sorrow, spankings, stilt walkers, stockings, stupid sluts, subtitles, sugar, sushi, tattoos, techno, totoro, touch, touching, trance, trip hop, trip-hop, vampire, vampire the masquerade, vibrators, vinyl, violin, watching, webcams, women, writing, yaoi